Sherpa Digest: Issue Twenty Five

Upcoming Events:

Week of 3-4-19

Lab Scheduler

PD Calendar  

Staff Leader of the Week!  NOMINATION FORM

Featured resources:

My 5 Favorite Google Forms Add-ons

Getting Started With Tour Creator

Easy EdTech Podcast – Launching March 5, 2019

See How MAP Growth K-2 Exceeds Expectations for Young Learners

What’s New: New Tools for Schools

Visible Learning in Literacy: 3 Takeaways from John Hattie and Nancy Frey

Five Takeaways From The Visible Learning Institute-Day One

Extending Your Use of Chrome: 3 Tools to Go Beyond the Basics

How Making Time for Mindfulness Helps Students

1st Graders Making a Spreadsheet

27 Ways To Enhance Retention In Your Students

Tweet of the Week:

Adventurous Challenge of the MONTH:

March – Try some visual routines and schedules…

Words of Wisdom (played on CTE-TV):

Weekly Read Aloud:

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