Sherpa Digest: Issue Sixteen

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Week of 12-10  –  Be on the lookout for those elves!

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Featured resources:

Blended Learning: 8 Respectful Routines

Tech Resources for Your Next Science Experiment

Beyond the Hour of Code: 20+ free lessons for teaching computer science

Empowering Student Voice with Collaborative Movie-Making

Books My Fifth Graders Are Reading by Colby Sharp

Exceeding Expectations

The Best Classroom Screensavers on YouTube

Tweet of the Week:

Adventurous Challenge of the MONTH:

December: I am continuing the challenge for us as a school to make morning greeting a priority.  Either a teacher or a student greeting all kids every morning.  It starts the morning with love and connection.

A new study finds that greeting students at the door increases engagement by 20% and reduces disruptions by 9%—effectively adding 1 hour of learning per day.

Conscious Discipline Greeting Examples

Words of Wisdom (played on CTE-TV):

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