On a Mission Digest: Issue 2

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Meet The Teacher Nights – Next Week (Schedule Linked)

Mission Monday –

  1.  Nominate a colleague for “On a Mission” Staff Leader of the Week!  NOMINATION FORM
  2. Everyone nominate a student who has exemplified one of the 7 Habits this month.  We will recognize each class’s nomination on Friday! NOMINATION FORM
  3. Have a great MEET THE TEACHER night, and connect positively with your parents.

7 Habits Student Video –   Play at a time that is convenient for your class, but please do not skip playing it.

Great Articles, Graphics, and Videos To Check Out!

Amplify Mini-Lesson — Tech Management

BYOD Resources

6 Projects that Promote Student Ownership in the First Month of School

Taming the Grading Beast

Building a Writing Community: Writing Partnerships

Carmel elementary schools rethink play time after pro-recess studies

How Does Test Engagement Affect RIT Score Validity?

A Phone Call Home Makes All the Difference

Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us

Google Slide Scavenger Hunt

Top 10 Google Expeditions & Cardboard Tips!


NWEA Connection Resources – Communicating About MAP Growth to Students and Parents

Protecting Student Writing Time

How You Can Create a Peace Path of Your Own in 6 Steps.

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