Make It Memorable Digest: Issue 18

Congrats to the Colts on their big win!  Let’s celebrate with another Colts day on Friday!

Inspiration of the week:

RtI and Literacy:

The TED Talk is well worth the ten minutes you spend watching!

Why Talking About the Brain Can Empower Learners

Digital Resource of the Week:


“Build interactive video lessons with EduCanon. Create an account and get your teacher code for students to use. Either paste in the address of the YouTube or Vimeo video you want to use, or use keywords to search YouTube and find it. Stop the video at any point and input a reflective pause or multiple choice, fill in the blank, check all that apply, and free response questions. Find several tutorial videos for Educanon on YouTube. If your district blocks YouTube, be sure to stick with Vimeo videos, so they can be viewed once your video lesson is complete.” -TeahersFirst

Social, Emotional, EBP:

PBIS Folder – Must login with CCS login — GIVE OUT LOTS OF TICKETS THIS WEEK!!!


Tweet of the Week: Click the link in the tweet to be taken to the link


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