Leading Is Our Superpower Digest: Issue 3

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You do not have to build in 15 minutes to switch for math this year, unless your grade level would like to.   If you do please let me know.  Also, there is no video from me or the PTO this year.  We will be sharing more on PPIF via Social Media.  I hope to have a PPIF update to share with you all on by Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday, August 30: Back to School Night:

4th – 6:00 – 6:45      3rd and 3rd Challenge- 6:50 – 7:35      5th and 4/5 Challenge – 7:40 – 8:25

Mission Monday – (We are continuing the same mission from last week) Make it your mission to find a student leader who may be worth highlighting on CTE-TV: 7 HABITS Super Student Leader Form

Staff Jeans Day Opportunities – $1 per day – Raising money for:

In light of the recent tragedy that has hit the community of Kokomo we would like to hole two $1+ Jeans Days next week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday you may wear jeans if you pay a $1 donation to the office.
 Where will my donation go?
–          Mrs. Luna’s husband, Jeremy, is the principal of Taylor Elementary near Kokomo and one of his teachers was directly affected by the tornadoes.  We would love to brighten her day with a gift card.
–          Reese, Elle, and Ty Phares are students at our school and their grandmother is a long-time kindergarten teacher at Elwood Haynes elementary in Kokomo.  Many of the lower income housing units and apartments that house a lot of students from Elwood Haynes live were heavily damaged by the tornadoes.  We would like to donate a check to the school in order to allow them to serve their families as they see fit. 

7 Habits Student Video – At a convenient time for your class,  please play this for students at some point this week.


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