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Try something new this week!  Take a risk and be BRAVE, you have my support!

7 Habits Student Video – LINK HERE

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Quick, Draw! with Google

Using Google Keep for Grading Comments in Docs

11 Technology Tools for the Reading Classroom

 St. Patrick’s Day Magnetic Poetry

Enjoy teaching more: 20 ways in 20 days begins March 1st!

Messy Makerspace- Cleaning up the Project “In Progress” Shelf

Parents of Students with Significant Needs and Their Perspectives of Effective School Collaboration

Genius Hour: What 20% of the Time Really Means in Education

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You can use the Chrome web browser app on iOS to scan a QR code. You do not actually scan from within the app. Instead, you access Chrome’s QR code function from the Home screen. When on any Home screen, swipe down to access Spotlight search. (Don’t swipe from the very top of the screen, as that brings up Notifications.) Enter QR into the search box. Scroll until you see the Chrome icon that’s labeled “Scan QR Code" and tap it. Chrome’s QR code scanner launches and accesses your device’s camera. When the scanner senses a QR code, it will open the code’s web link. Since links open in Chrome, links will appear in your Chrome history and you can easily add them to your bookmarks. When signed with your Google account, you can access your open tabs and bookmarks in Chrome on other devices.

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