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CommonLit Added a Guided Reading Mode for Students

“Every Child Is a Leader” School Culture

Tech-Enabled Teacher Leaders: How technology is redistributing school leadership

Aurasma: Create Augmented Reality Experiences in Under 2 Min.

Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

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To Make You Smile:

Ever wonder how your dog gets past the gate? This is Daisy the flying boxer. Updated Disclaimer: I apologize if anyone is offended by this video. This 4 second video was supposed to put a smile on your face. Daisy is safe and well taken care of. I added this disclaimer because something that was supposed to make people smile is now causing people to be angry and say mean things to a good pet owner. The very reason the gate was put up was to protect Daisy and make sure she was safe when the owners were gone. They had no clue Daisy could jump over a 3ft pet gate until this video captured it. They have taken all precautions and Daisy can no longer do this. The pet gate wasn't put up purposely to make Daisy jump over it so they could laugh at her and injure herself.Video from jackie_ohhhhh on instagram

Posted by Manny The Frenchie on Sunday, January 22, 2017

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