Leading Is Our Superpower Digest: Issue 10

Upcoming Events:

Weekly Calendar – Beth will be collaborating with you all during collaboration this week.

Mission Monday –  Continuing our mission from last week, since we had two short weeks

Two missions:

  1. Push yourself to use you mic setup in your classroom.  They make a difference – https://www.gofrontrow.com/en/classroom-sound
  2. If you checkout mobile labs, be sure they are plugged back in and returned to their home at the end of your checkout time.

7 Habits Student Video –  Check out this great 7 Habits Song –  https://youtu.be/sYDCJR_ApEQ  

Great Articles, Graphics, and Videos To Check Out!

How Writing Is Shaping the Future of Literacy

A Look Back: Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do

Grading Extended Response Questions with Google Forms Quiz Feature

10 tips for avoiding technology overwhelm

A Writing Conference with an English Language Learner Using Google Translate

Get Ready for the National Day on Writing!

The Need for More Play in School

Does Independent Reading Time During the School Day Create Lifelong Readers (SUPER THOUGHT PROVOKING!)


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