Gearing Up For Greatness Digest 6


After receiving feedback from teams on the new broadcast time; we are sticking to the afternoon, with a few changes:

  • Broadcast start time will now be 2:27.
  • 5th-grade team members can leave for broadcast at 2:20. 
  • Fridays may have some extended content, and K-2 may be a few minutes past the 2:30 bell when they head outside (it’s ok!)
  • K-1 can pack-up around 2:22 now instead of 2:20.  Every instructional minute when can squeeze out of our day matters :).
  • Please remember, that 3-5 do not pack up until AFTER announcements; and you do not need to leave the building until the second dismissal bell (so long farewell)


Upcoming Events:

Week of 9-23-19

  • Dr. B’s safety presentation is on Wednesday after school (attendance is optional)
  • MTSS Data Collaboration (1-2 Tuesday)(K Wednesday)(3-5 Thursday)
  • SPIRIT DAYS (If you participate, you may wear jeans!):

Lab Scheduler (UPDATED)

Staff Kindness  NOMINATION FORM  (take a minute to put Kindness in Motion!)

Featured resources: (hearts indicate picks of the week)

Teen Genius Says “I Learned Nothing from Lecture”

The Unexpected Benefit of Differentiation? Student Happiness

Supercharge Classroom Participation with Chromebooks

Today’s Reasons Why We Need Students to Write for Authentic Audiences

7 TED-Ed Lessons for Constitution Day

❤️❤️❤️Now You Can Share a Link to Jump to a Scene in Google Expeditions

Tweet of the Week:

Adventurous Challenge of the MONTH:

August/September – BRAIN SMART START DAILY!  No morning work, use jobs to help the flow in the morning so that you can brain smart start ASAP.

Introduce a Safe Place:

Words of Wisdom – 

This will be played on CTE TV this Monday

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