Gearing Up For Greatness Digest 1

Upcoming Events:

Week of 8-19-19

Lab Scheduler 


Featured resources: (hearts indicate picks of the week)

How to Use Socratic by Google

Creating Digital Notebooks with Google Slides

How to Bring the Shark Tank into Your Classroom

How to Add Video and Audio Comments to Google Docs

The Best Way to Listen to Podcasts

Screenshot URL: Show You Looked at Student Work

The First 2 Weeks by @tguskey

Writing Because You Want To: Nurturing Independence From the Start

Tweet of the Week:

Adventurous Challenge of the MONTH:

August – BRAIN SMART START DAILY!  No morning work, use jobs to help the flow in the morning so that you can brain smart start ASAP.

Introduce a Safe Place:

Words of Wisdom – Starts on 9-26:


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