Diving Deep Into Learning Digest 32

Upcoming Events: and Important Updates:

Monday Faculty ShareELA Adoption Overview Preview (Flipped from Anne Arroyo – Will be available in Canvas)(Must be finished by Wednesday) Complete the PLTW training (Woohoo!  GREAT JOB EVERYONE!)(Must be finished by Friday)
Wednesday Late StartELA Adoption Materials Walkthrough (20-25 min)(We will send invites to meet with teams during prep in the LGI – due to the LGI not being available during 3rd and 5th grade prep – we will meet with your team during late start time.)

🤯Featured resources:


Create Jamboard Math Activities with Equatio

10 Googley Poetry Projects for National Poetry Month

Use Custom Colors in Google Projects! (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings)

How to Autofit Text in Google Slides

Create a Badge in Google Drawings

75+ Great Critical Thinking Questions

19 Canva Tutorials for Teachers and Students – Certificates, Comics, and More!


Blended Reading Idea: A Fun Way To Deepen Understanding

20 Ways To Improve A Test, Quiz, Or Other Assessment

Blended Learning: The Whole Group Rotation

🐦Tweets of the Week:

🌞Conscious Discipline Challenge:

Focus on The Power of Perception this month!

🎯 Words of Wisdom:

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