Diving Deep Into Learning Digest 21

⏰Upcoming Events: and Important Updates:

  • 1/25-Faculty Share in Canvas
  • 1/27 – Late Start via Zoom
  • 1/25-1/29 – Wida
  • 1/27-1/28 – PTO Marcos Dine to Donate
  • Birthdays:
    • 1/26 – Devin Mendenhall and Aaron Boskovich
    • 1/28 – Brad Lantz
  • Chris and Amanda will be in classrooms for short observations (10-20 minutes) for the next two-three weeks. If you see us stop in with our computer we are observing; if it is not a good time – please do let us know.

🀯Featured resources: (heart indicates picks of the week:


January School Family Commitment

20 Fun 100th Day Videos To Help You Celebrate in the Classroom

Creating a Mystery Spot in Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard 2021 with Tom Mullaney

3 timely ways to make great use of assessment data

My Favorite Chrome Extensions Right Now – And What They Do

How to Quickly Record Audio in Google Slides, Docs, and Classroom

Gratitude Activities for Your Classroom

8 Videos To Teach the Inauguration Process (I did not preview these)


πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Jamboard – Version History and Sticky Note Shortcuts

🐦Tweets of the Week:

🌞Conscious Discipline Challenge:

Don’t forget the impact of your morning greetings and keep this in mind the rest of this week and this month…

🎯 Words of Wisdom:

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