Sherpa Digest: Issue Twenty Eight

Upcoming Events:

Week of 3-25-19

*Spring Concert Monday : 1:45/1:50 PM – Begin calling down by grade level; 2:00 PM – Program begins; 2:30 PM – end of the program

*extra prep on Thursday – Ticket Tower Read-In Reward

Lab Schedulerard

PD Calendar  

Staff Leader of the Week!  NOMINATION FORM

This time of year I get questions about movies…please review the staff handbook on “movies” in the classroom (pages 33-34)

Featured resources: (hearts indicate picks of the week)

Have You Done Your Digital Spring Cleaning?

Fast & Fun Formative Assessment – Slides

5 Ways to Tell Stories With Maps

The Teacher’s Guide to Podcasts

YouTube Tools Every Teacher Should Know

❤❤❤Sarah Wright Shows How Joy and Order Go Together

ReadingIQAge of Learning

An Online Wheel Spinner for Every Occasion

15 Ways to Get More Motivated This Week

❤❤❤Ten Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break

Tweet of the Week:

Adventurous Challenge of the MONTH:

March – Try some visual routines and schedules…you guys are rocking this!!! Wow!!!

Words of Wisdom (played on CTE-TV):

Weekly Read Aloud:

Returning after Spring Break

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