Sherpa Digest: Issue Eighteen

Upcoming Events:

Week of 1-14-18

😃😃😃Faculty Share Monday, Data Collaboration Tuesday and Thursday

Lab Scheduler

PD Calendar  

Staff Leader of the Week!  NOMINATION FORM

Featured resources:

Rethinking “Just Right”: Reader and Text Variables that Impact Comprehension by Jennifer Serravallo

Fact VS Fiction: Teaching Critical Thinking Skills In the Age of Fake News by Jennifer LaGarde and Darren Hudgins

Planning and Instructing for Deep Learning

Resolving to Say Less So Students Can Do More in 2019

Take the Manage Out of Classroom Management

Tweet of the Week:

Reading Strategies Book Index

Adventurous Challenge of the MONTH:

January:  How is reading workshop going?  Are you making sure to honor the need for independent reading time during your workshop?

Words of Wisdom (played on CTE-TV):

Posted on Monday.  Played on Tuesday.

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