Leading Is Our Superpower Digest: Issue 9

Upcoming Events:

Weekly Calendar – Oktoberfest is Tuesday!

Mission Monday –  This week make it a point to greet each and every student each morning this week!

Two missions:

  1. Push yourself to use you mic setup in your classroom.  They make a difference – https://www.gofrontrow.com/en/classroom-sound
  2. If you checkout mobile labs, be sure they are plugged back in and returned to their home at the end of your checkout time.

7 Habits Student Video –https://youtu.be/58dRvxVwoDA

Great Articles, Graphics, and Videos To Check Out!

Students and Goal Setting: My Choice, My Growth, My Responsibility

SEL Weekly Update

How to create focus, simplicity, and tranquility in the classroom

21 Chrome Extensions for Special Needs and Struggling Students

Deep learning boosts Google Translate tool

Flippity Flip, Bottle Flip! (this activity is very advanced (middle school/high school), but I thought it was so cool how someone took a real-life thing and translated it to this!)

6 Skills Students Today Must Develop

Stop the Homework Insanity and Let Kids Be Kids

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