Leading Is Our Superpower Digest: Issue 8

Upcoming Events:

Weekly Calendar – WALK TO SCHOOL DAY ON WEDNESDAY!  You might plan to caravan down and pickup the cars later.  Jeans Coupon for each person who participates!

Mission Monday –  This week make it a point to greet each and every student each morning this week!

7 Habits Student Video – (rerun) https://youtu.be/P8hpC2LvdMo 

Great Articles, Graphics, and Videos To Check Out!

How to Use the New Explore Function in Google Slides

Ten Quiet Picture Books That Speak Volumes by Jackie Leathers

Ideas for planning Small Group Instruction

Thinking About Thinking: An Interview With Kisha N. Daniels

Top 10 MAP Reports for Teachers

Teacher of the Year on engaging parents to create a great school culture

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