Lead Like A Champion Digest: Issue 2

Upcoming Events:

NWEA continues this week  NWEA Schedule and NWEA Codex


Team and coach planning this week (no additional IA coverage time this week due to NWEA)

Superhero Day Friday – More to come via email

Inspiration of the week:

RtI and Literacy:


“Sometimes I hear parents shame a child’s choices, even when they think they’re helping. “You’ve read a lot of these. Maybe you’d like to try. . . .” “Look, this one has an award sticker.” But a child’s free reading books shouldn’t be about us feeling good about their choices. It should be about them feeling good about them.”

Digital Resource of the Week:

21 Grab-And-Go Teaching Tools For Your Classroom

PBIS and or EBP Tip:

Other News:
PTO Communicator was sent this week
Tweet of the Week: Click the link in the tweet to be taken to the link

Check out Flowcabulary Jr.


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