Gearing Up For Greatness Digest 25

Upcoming Events:

Week of 2/18/20

*Chris and Amanda wrapping up this round of observations, this week and next.

Lab Scheduler (UPDATED)

Staff Kindness  NOMINATION FORM  (take a minute to put Kindness in Motion!)

Featured resources: (heart indicate picks of the week – Cherry indicates a new link)

🍒The Tightrope of Growth: Supporting Readers at the Point of Difficulty

🍒Autistic Characters, Infinite Possibilities by Sarah Kapit


🍒 Presidents’ Day Resources for Every Classroom

🍒What is an Infused Classroom?

❤️🍒How To Name An Explicit Teaching Point for Writers

Tweet of the Week:


Challenge of the MONTH:

Power of Free Will:

Words of Wisdom – 

No words of wisdom on this short week.

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