Diving Deep Into Learning Digest 19

Upcoming Events: and Important Updates:

  • 1/11-1/15 – NWEA Testing
  • 1/11 – 1/15 – School Board Appreciation Week
  • 1/11 – Faculty Share (Canvas – Complete by 11:59pm)
  • 1/13 – Late Start
  • 1/11 – 8:00 All School Family Meeting
  • Birthdays:
    • 1/10 – Donna McKenney, Chris Atkinson
    • 1/11 – Lindsey Hangebrauck
    • 1/15 – Jessica Kuznarsky

🤯Featured resources: (heart indicates picks of the week:


Google Slides: Add a Slide per Student

How to Create a Mistake-Friendly Classroom

2020 Best of Show at ISTE Awards & Best of 2020 Awards

JAM: Giant Transparent Blank Rectangle

30 Of The Best Tools For Remote Teaching And Learning

The 10 Best Tech Tools for Student Assessment

Make Badges with Google Apps


Blended Learning with Google (Part 1: Do THIS, NOT That!) – SULS088

Student-Led Conferences Template

Use Zoom and Adobe Spark to Make Green Screen Videos

🎉🎉 Jamboard – Version History and Sticky Note Shortcuts

🐦Tweets of the Week:

🌞Conscious Discipline Challenge:

Don’t forget the impact of your morning greetings and keep this in mind the rest of this week and this month…

🎯 Words of Wisdom:

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