Gearing Up For Greatness Digest 4

Upcoming Events:

Week of 9-9-19

Lab Scheduler 


Featured resources: (hearts indicate picks of the week)

Check for Understanding: What Are You Learning About Your Students During the Lesson?

Breathe for Change: Tools for teacher well-being and mindfulness

How Do You Approach Book Tastings?

Tips for Using Google Classroom – Tip #3

LinkedIn calls these 3 of the most sought-after tech skills

Google Gets $170M Fine and Pledges to Protect Children on YouTube. Will It Matter?

Creating the Habit of Noticing

Eduprotocols: Customizable Lessons for Any Subject or Grade! – SULS028

Tweet of the Week:

Adventurous Challenge of the MONTH:

August/September – BRAIN SMART START DAILY!  No morning work, use jobs to help the flow in the morning so that you can brain smart start ASAP.

Introduce a Safe Place:

Words of Wisdom – Starts 9-9-19

Play on your own time this week.  We will start this on CTE-TV next week.  Pardon my dodgy eyes, I was trying to read from my computer and film with my phone at the same time :).

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